Steel Pier

Steel Pier

One rainy winter afternoon in Atlantic City.

(iPhone 5, ISO 50, 1/120 at f2.4)

Sunset and Wine

I had just arrived home and was ready to relax with a glass of Malbec. Then the rain stopped and the sun made an appearance. I didn’t even have to move from where I was and only had to reach for my iPhone to register this sunset over Baltimore.

(iPhone 5, ISO 50, 1/40 sec at f 2.4)

Bourbon Orleans Hotel

Hotel Lobby, New Orleans

Last time I was in New Orleans I stayed at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel. It used to be a ballroom, then a convent and orphanage, and now it’s a nice hotel with a collection of ghost stories to amuse the tourists.

(iPhone 5, ISO 50, 1/25 sec at f 2.4)

Monticello Flowers

It was a dark and stormy morning when I visited Monticello, Jefferson’s house just outside Charlottesville.

(iPhone 5, ISO 50, 1/2900 sec at f 2.4)

Snow in Baltimore

Snow in Baltimore

Baltimore, corner of South Street and Water Street. It was a cold January afternoon and the snow had just started to fall. I grabbed my iPhone and made the photo through the window of my second floor office.

(iPhone 5, ISO 50, 1/150 sec at f 2.4)